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We develop AI based legal apps.

Our apps help you navigate easily through the tough terrains of Indian Law, covering all aspects.

Get ready for the #LegalTech revolution.

Fast and Secure


Seamless UI

It's time to change how we interact with law.

From a layman to a legal professional, interacting with law is tough.

No one has tried to make it simple until now.

Our applications are easy to use and understand so you can get your tasks done in time to finally get time for watching that Netflix show.


Our Apps

As a legal professional, searching for answers to legal queries online can easily become a time consuming and overwhelming task.

It can be difficult to know where to start or which sources to trust. What's more, the legal field can be complex and confusing, making it even harder to find the answers you need.

Law Bot Pro is a pro-bono first AI app that has been made to answer your legal queries in the simplest manner.​

Simply put in your question and you will get an answer containing the Sections and Acts which relate to your legal issue and also the jurisdiction of the court so you know more about your case even before you approach a lawyer.

Law Bot Pro helps you do legal research in the easiest manner possible.

Draft Bot Pro is India's leading AI powered legal drafting + research tool. 


Simply tell it what you want it to draft and some facts of your matter and it will draft a highly specialised legal document along with doing legal research with the most accurate cases pertaining to the facts of your case for you.


Legal professionals from all over India use Draft Bot Pro and it's various capabilities like summarising documents, asking for arguments in favour of you etc. to reduce upto 70% of review time and save 90% of costs than using traditional methods.

User Analytics

36,40,000+ queries answered.
Avatar 108
377,500+ active users.
Used in 25 states in India till now.

Our goal

Our goal is to make law accessible to everyone.

By using our applications, legal access and ease of doing legal tasks allows you to understand law better and to get tasks done in less time.


An informed India is a smart India.

See what our users are saying about us

“In India, this will be extensively used.
Best use of generative AI”

Vijay Jirange, User

on Draft Bot Pro

"I'm in the middle of an international custody battle for my daughter and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you created Law Bot Pro. For 2 and a half years I have bled to make ends meet and pay lawyers but now I am making good headway with Law Bot Pro that too for free. Thank you so much.

Pramit, User

on Law Bot Pro

"Finding possible solutions for daily incidents has become so much easier now. I know where to go and what my rights are thanks to Law Bot Pro! 

Debashish, User

on Law Bot Pro

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Legal access for all.


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