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Draft Bot Pro

Draft Bot Pro is an AI powered tool which allows you to do Legal Drafting + Research in minutes, not days.

Already trusted by over 2,937+ lawyers, Draft Bot Pro is a must have in your legal arsenal as it allows anyone to be better prepared for each case due to several of its functions like generating arguments for/against you, summarising any document etc. on top of the state-of-the-art legal drafting + research functions.

Don't do legal drafting & research like you are in 1950

Here's what Draft Bot Pro can do for you - 

  • Draft any highly specialised legal document in minutes just by uploading a reference document or by typing what you want it to draft along with some facts of the matter.

  • Do the most accurate legal research based on the facts of the matter at the same time, without typing anything.

  • Generate arguments for and against you to better prepare you for the case.

  • Summarise any document and answer questions about it.

  • And much more.

Who are we

Why Draft Bot Pro

To do drafing & legal research manually you need:

  • To be an expert (have 10+ years of experience at least)

  • Have loads of time (17+ hours at least)

  • Access to all of primary and secondary data (books, guides etc.)

  • Knowledge of all formats

  • Deep expertise of all areas of law

Total : 10+ years of experience & 17+ hours of time

To do drafing & legal research using Draft Bot Pro

  • To talk to it like a friend and get all of this done in minutes for you.

Total : 1 hour of your time

What our users say about Draft Bot Pro

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-15 at 20.44.20.jpeg

Advocate Moomal Joshi

"I have not found better and more accurate case search functionality anywhere else. The drafting is also top-notch, this is a must in every lawyer's arsenal! "


Advocate Sidak Kalra

"I have prepared several rejoinders using the AI based counter reply functionality, it has worked really well. Can't wait for all the upcoming tools."


Advocate Arundhati Kale

"I have been using it for 3 weeks now, I am really impressed with the summarisation function as well as the automatic drafting based on just inputting facts. Crazy tech!"

How it works

How it works anchor

Step 1

Untitled design.gif

Tell the bot what you want to draft along with some facts or specifics.

Draft Bot Pro can create thousands of highly specific documents based on our proprietary technology.

Step 2

dbp fill detail final.gif

Fill details by clicking on the button "Fill Details"

Step 3

dbp fill detail final (1).gif

Go through the live changes as you fill details

Step 4


Step 5

Untitled design (1).gif

Step 6

Untitled design (2).gif

Click on the "Research" tab to go through the most accurate legal research based on the facts of your case including Legal Provisions, Landmark Judgments, Similar Judgments, Recent Judgments and Further Research, all at once.

You can also ask the bot questions about the draft or general law if you come across any doubts

If you want to make the language different, add other clauses, other specifics, simply tell the bot to do so

Step 7

dbp fill detail final (3).gif

Continue to edit the document in our editing tool.

This allows you to finalise the document, add case laws or other specifics if needed and download the final draft.

Step 8

Untitled design (3).gif

Go through the draft and download as word file

What all can it draft?

What can it draft

It can draft documents related to

  • Adoption 

  • Affidavits

  • Agreements

  • Applications

  • Appointment

  • Apprenticeship

  • Arbitration

  • Assignment

  • Banking

  • Bond

  • Child Custody

  • Civil Pleadings

  • Company Documents

  • Composition Deed

  • Consumer Protection

  • Conveyancing

  • Copyright

  • Criminal Pleadings

  • Easements

  • Exchange

  • Franchisee

  • Gift

  • GST

  • Guarantee

  • Hindu Marriage Act

  • Hire - Purchase

  • Income Tax

  • Indemnity

  • Information Tech

  • Infrastructure

  • Intellectual Property

  • Labour

  • Lease Financing

  • Matrimonial

  • Medical Forms

  • MOU

  • Misc. Deeds

  • Mortgage

  • Motor Vehicle Act

  • Negotiable Instrument

  • Notice

  • Partition

  • Partnership

  • Plaint

and many more.

Try it out now at


Draft Bot Pro is not a legal advisor or lawyer. All answers/legal drafts/ legal research given via the bot are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. It is meant to only help legal professionals save time and each output has to be verified by you. Read more terms and conditions which apply to your use of Draft Bot Pro here - Terms of usage and Privacy Policy

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